2022 Farmers Markets Begin - 4/2/2022

Staple Goods Market at Standard Service in Heath TX has started and we were fortunate to be able to attend as a vendor.  We had a great time connecting with the community and other vendors.  Here is a photo of our booth towards the end of the market!


New Bread Ovens Have Arrived!! - 3/4/2022

We are so excited to let y'all know that we have taken the next big step in our bakery! We just received two large bread ovens which means we can bake more bread in a shorter amount of time. We are looking forward to upcoming farmers markets and being able to supply more bread to our growing customer base. Thank you so much for your ongoing support of our small family business. We love being able to supply our community with fresh, organic, healthy sourdough. It has been a great joy to see so many people love and appreciate our artisan bread.


Rosemary Olive Artisan Loaf Update - 2/6/2022

We have 9 rosemary plants in our garden that are all damaged from the freezing temperatures this year.  They should all grow back in the spring and we should have an abundance of fresh rosemary this summer.  To help get a jump start on things, we are planting new rosemary plants as soon as the freeze season passes.  Below are new plants next to the damaged plants that we are carefully protecting from freezing temperatures.  We hope to get many new plants into the ground and start harvesting this amazing herb very soon for our Rosemary Olive Artisan Loaf!  Expect to see our Rosemary Olive Loaf back in-stock in April. 

New Flavor Experiment - 1/8/2022

I love capers but can never seem to find a good use for them.  This week at Trader Joes I saw a jar of capers and decided to make a Caper Sourdough Loaf.  We mixed the capers with lemon zest and incorporated them into the dough.  Below are photos.

Results:  The dough fermented perfectly (at least to our liking) and baked really well.  This artisan loaf paired well with goat cheese and anchovies.  Ariel drizzled some basil infused olive oil over a toasted slice and dipped it in her split pea soup.  She is Scottish and in a way it reminded me of a scene from Braveheart - Uncle Argyle. 

The flavor of the oil soaked capers baked with the lemon zest was good but not something we would reach for above our standard line-up of breads. For us, this bread would be something that we would make again to pair with a specific meal or turn into croutons for César salad or soup.  


 Introducing Cinnamon Raisin Smirl - Beta - 12/11/2021

"the answer to this puzzle came in the swirl"

This loaf has by far taken the most amount of development work to produce, more than all of our other breads.  After many practice loaves and prayer, the answer to this puzzle came in the swirl. 

Our first attempts resulted in a goopy, syrupy mess that actually tasted amazing but was way to difficult to manage.  Somehow the brown sugar and cinnamon drew water out of the dough with our traditional stretch and folding process.  Almost immediately a type of syrup would start flowing from the bread and there was no way we were going to put it in our rattan banneton baskets (they would get destroyed).  We decided to try using loaf pans so that the syrup wouldn't be as big of a concern and did a number of test loaves. Below are photos of a later developed test loaf that was heavy on drying flour and folding to reduce the syrup issue as much as possible.


It worked, kind-of.  At this point we had almost accepted that this would be a bread produced in loaf pans.  The breakthrough moment came when Justin said that the bread might look better if it had a swirled pattern.  If it was going to have to be produced in a loaf pan, at least it would be interesting when you cut into it.  We decided to give it a try and stretched out a long piece of dough, added the inclusions, rolled it up and placed in the loaf pan.  We noticed immediately that the syrup effect wasn't happening.  We cold fermented it overnight and the next morning it was still dry (even in the loaf pan).  So yesterday (12/11) we tried it out again and decided we were going to potentially sacrifice one of our precious banneton baskets to the syrup flow.  We repeated the process and this time placed it in a proofing basket overnight just like all of our other breads.  To our delight, this morning the dough looked great and there was no syrup dripping out at all.  We turned-out the dough on the oven deck for baking and it was a success!  It is the very loaf pictured on our product page.  We were so excited that we rushed Cinnamon Raisin Smirl onto our website for our bread community to try.   So right out of R&D, we present to you this new bread offering just in time for Christmas.  We will be refining this loaf and developing it further over the next month or two but it's at a place where we will gladly put our name on it.  Please feel free to offer your feedback if you happen to give it a try.  

Merry Christmas!


Heath Sourdough Bread's First Delivery Services - 11/26/2021

Heath Sourdough Bread Co. just celebrated the completion of our first Delivery Services on November 23rd and 24th.  Thank you very much to everybody who made this such a great success!!

We would love to get your feedback on how your delivery experience was.  Please email us your story or share on Facebook @ Heath Sourdough Bread Co.