Our Bread Story


We have always loved bread. When we were first married (17 years ago) we actually dreamed about starting a bread company. We planned our honeymoon in Europe partly so we could eat all of the pastries and bread along the way. After the birth of our second daughter we found out that I couldn't eat gluten anymore. I realized that I had a gluten intolerance and had to give up all of my beloved pastries and bread. After a few years of eating completely gluten free I was starving for some real bread. My husband bought some grain mills and some Einkorn wheat from Europe and attempted to bake fresh bread for me. We had heard that this wheat from Europe was digestible for people like me with gluten intolerance. Unfortunately, even though the bread was tasty, I still couldn't eat it. So my cardboard gluten free days continued for years.

During the Covid pandemic we realized that the gluten free bread I always ate wasn't available anymore. Actually we couldn't find any bread for a few weeks, so we decided to bake our own. We looked up a recipe for bread and traveled down to the store to buy some yeast. We went to several grocery stores and couldn't find any. After scouring the internet for options we stumbled across sourdough bread and natural leaven. We decided to give it a try, and our sourdough starter was born. After a few days we decided to try our first loaf of sourdough bread. Our kitchen was filled with the most amazing fresh bread smells! We sliced the hot bread into nice thick slices and slathered butter all over it. It was so good to eat actual bread after 9 years. The best part was that I had no reaction to it, I was shocked! And so our love for sourdough was born. We started making everything from cinnamon rolls, to bagels, to pita bread, to pizza dough, to pretzels, I was in heaven. We started baking this tasty bread for all of our friends who quickly became addicted. The bread brought us so much joy that we decided to bake it for all of our neighbors as well. They liked it so much that they told us we should start charging for the bread so we could deliver it to them more regularly. And so Heath Sourdough Bread Co. was born! We did our first Farmers Market in Heath and were pleasantly surprised to sell out of our bread at every market! We are so blessed to have the joy of fresh tasty bread in our lives again and we want to share that joy with all of you!

Love, The Storm Family